“Teen Zine Workshop” – Zine Instructions


Here’s a downloadable version of the zine used in the LaughFest GR and AIGA WMTeen Zine Workshop” held in both Holland and Grand Rapids. The content is formatted for an introductory-level audience yet shareable under the Creative Commons “Attribution-NonCommercial” license. So have fun distributing it if you like.


Download » “The Secret to Making Zines(PDF / 1.2 MB)

And if you’re new to zines, and need alil’ help with folding, simply refer to this post for instructions. Enjoy!




UX ‘n sketching it up


Here’s a hint at the type of work I’ve been involved with lately, which is favoring my UX skill-set this time. And uncharacteristically allowed for the use of illustrations. This wonderful pairing has truly sped-up the development of personas, information architectures, work flows, rough UI prototypes and now refined wireframes.With over 110 illustrations informing our next steps I have to say this new approach has been a real blast.

Instagram Post: Breadverine


Instagram Post: Hipster Walker


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