End of the spring sprint

Just completed one of the most intense, month-long project sprints in years. Maybe ever for me. My iHome app reflect the 30-day average [above]. In short, the sprint involved 5 overlapping projects. By the time the smoke cleared this past Tuesday I had done over 95 rough illustrations, 22 low-fidelity color illustrations, and 56 high-fidelity color illustrations.

But most importantly, two bits of schooling occurred during this sprint. The first, a lesson in just how far I could push my body (e.g. blurred vision for days). The second, the evolution of new production tricks in PS as a result of having to keep pace. Ideally I’d like to share the later via YouTube soon. Hopefully. So stay tuned.



iHome says I’m part Vamp

I have an iHome alarm clock and recently discovered the “Stats” feature within its iPhone app. This “Sleep statistics” offers the average bedtime, wakeup time, and more. Upon viewing my stats I was alil’ surprised -cause according to this I’m practically a damn vampire. What-the-Duck?


MacBook Pro / Battery Life

(Repost from Google+)

Forgot my power cord while working on-site the other day -but noticed the battery in my MacBook Pro latest 6 hours. Thinking my math was off, I decided to work unplugged today ‘n see just how long the battery would really last. Well, see for yourself. Nearly 7 hours with constant activity, powering a USB scanner twice, and charging my phone for 40-minutes. Not bad, Apple.

It’s a “Giant Bear Paw Attack” and there’s no hope of escape! Save yourself! Your weapons are useless against it.

…made my daughter a Valentine’s Day card…with real markers ‘n stuff. This is just a rough from working the idea out in my head. Essentially the card was about being the victim of a “Giant Bear Paw Attack” (a.k.a. tickled to near-death). Anyhow, just sharing something from the now excess of roughs on my desk.


Talking with The Bear about the stars

Here’s a Sharpie sketch intended to support a concept my daughter (9 yrs.) and I were discussing recently. I think it began with a question about the seasons, then about space, and landed somewhere around traveling at the speed of light. Anyhow…we looked up the velocity of the earth, moon, and ultimately made this “instructional graphic” to hang on the wall.


I recently bought a new MacBook Pro and gifted my old one to her along with a carrying case and headphones. A mouse was the only thing she had to buy (with her own money). Now…we can hit the coffee shop together. Which I’ve been waiting many, many years for!! And I have to say, it’s pretty incredible to have our Chai’s side-by-side, 17″ MacBook’s screen-to-screen, and plugging away amongst the local law students. But it’s not all fun ‘n games for her. She gets homework. Specifically, homework involving the use of a browser to do research or an application to solve a problem. Once she’s done with that she can go crazy on a game site. Here’s a few things she’s done so far.

This weekend she’ll have to…

  • Research allergy sensitive products.
  • Tell me who “Emilie Gossiau” is and how we can help her.
  • Give me 10, 3 syllable words that rhyme with “snowfall.”

…so, should be interesting.

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