Recently I was introduced to zines at the “Grand Rapids Zinefest.” And, honestly, walking into the event I had no idea what to expect. Yet by the time I left I was dying to make a zine. In fact, I was ready to mass produce and offer ’em up for $0.25 a piece. Unfortunately, various projects blocked those efforts and I’m still waiting to take a proper swing at it.

So until time permits I’m offering the following piece. Which amounts to ,well, an inside joke. One between a certain amazing artist :) and myself. Anyhow, the piece below was drawn directly onto a single, folded, letter-size piece of paper and illustrated with a brush pen. Plus alil’ Copic action. Otherwise that’s it. Enjoy.

The tiny, epic cover.
Learning the instruments

Okay, lets go. Vroom. Vrooming. Vroom. Screeeeech. Om'n.

Wanna make your own? Well here’s folding instructions for a tiny 8-pager like the one above.


So feel free to download the instructions shown above (“8-Page Zine Folding Instructions” / 1MB .jpg) or go digital with the templates below.

» InDesign CC “8-page mini zine template (480KB – compressed .ind)
» Illustrator CC “8-page mini zine template(473KB – compressed .ai)
» DWG “8-page mini zine template” (22KB – compressed .dwg)
» PDF “8-page mini zine template” 
(55KB .pdf)

Happy zining!

“Coloring Lineart in PS CS5” ( Tutorials 1 – 3 )

In April (2012) I created 3 tutorials for a very small design audience interested in seeing my “production-paced” approach to coloring storyboards. It was really an unfiltered looked at the process -yet also janky-as-Hell production-wise as I was more interested in getting them done ’n out than tweaking audio, adjusting colors, etc. Because, honestly, it was more about the dance in PS than the mic’s distance from my mouth (yikes!). Anyhow, with those massive disclaimers in place I offer a 3-parter of my coloring process to visitors here.

NOTE: The third tutorial demonstrates an interesting technique for creating background effects -which I stated was my most recent approach. Well…not exactly. Not as of June. :) There’s been a few improvements, plus new effects, which I also hope to share.

Instructions: How To Make Jellyfish (updated)

I may be doing an aquatic-themed project in Hudsonville with kids where I show them how to make these. Not like it’s secret or anything. So I figure if I’m showing them why not you too.

Tutorial: Coloring Line Art in Photoshop (Pt. 1/2)

My process for prepping and coloring line art…

View > “Coloring Line Art in Photoshop Tutorial” from Kevin White.

…plus a medium-res of the above art:
Download “Sexy Face 01.psd(PS CS4 / 150 dpi @ 300KB)

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