Light Painting Textures


With a D300, exposure time set to 1.3 seconds, I was able to wave the lens (14mm @ f 5.0) past Christmas lights to generate these. Of the dozens captured, I’m offering these ten for free (1461 x 2200 @ 240 dpi). Also, a few tips for Photoshop users can be found within the companion “readme.rtf” document. Enjoy.

Download > “10 Light Painting Textures” ( 21.1MB .zip )

Tutorial: Coloring Line Art in Photoshop (Pt. 1/2)

My process for prepping and coloring line art…

View > “Coloring Line Art in Photoshop Tutorial” from Kevin White.

…plus a medium-res of the above art:
Download “Sexy Face 01.psd(PS CS4 / 150 dpi @ 300KB)

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen Demo (Updated)

The demo of the “Livescribe Pulse Smartpen” …

..and embed feature from the “Livescribe Desktop” app mentioned within the demo:

GridIron Software / “Flow”

Flow presents the material within your OS in a visual format. Period. It’s not an OS skin. It’s an app. One that not only creates sick overviews of any given file…

(click to enlarge, yo)

…but also displays a files relationship with other files, version history, time tracking, and more. The capture above is a collection of simple HTML files comprising a review area for one of my clients. Flow tracked everything…right back to the original scans I did which evidently lead to content for the review area. -Word.

Check out Flow’s features, the concise tutorial videos, or just take the guided tour.

Layers 1.1.4

Tripped over this app. It’s called “Layers” (OS X) and it delivers screen captures in layered .psd format. Here’s a ginormous example…


I was planning to provide the .psd it captured but I feel violated. As for my dock…-not one word.

iPhone App / Sherwin-Williams’ “ColorSnap™”

…here’s an interesting app from Sherwin-Williams called “ColorSnap™(which reminds me of a certain Pantone layout).


Take a photo, or select an existing, then slide your finger around…


…a color is stored each time you lift your finger…


…until there’s three total. At least I think it’s only three.


Voila. -Except for this example I went back
and reselected less saturated values.


Touching the palette displays shopping details…


…plus you can save palettes.

And speaking of iPhone…I’m getting way, way too much
milage from this visual created long ago


It has been my wallpaper for awhile now.
-And I love it when this happens –


…pressing the “home” button twice cues transparent,
iPod controls. These controls float above whatever is running.
Even if the phone is lock (as shown above).
That’s mad tight.

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