How to make a zine -again

Recently learned that David Pescovitz over at Boing Boing posted this “How to make a zine…” piece featuring Austin Kleo, who gave a nod to a template I posted a while back. Much appreciated too, as they say, get some ink from the artist community.

Sketchnotes – Lecture Summary


UX ‘n sketching it up


Here’s a hint at the type of work I’ve been involved with lately, which is favoring my UX skill-set this time. And uncharacteristically allowed for the use of illustrations. This wonderful pairing has truly sped-up the development of personas, information architectures, work flows, rough UI prototypes and now refined wireframes.With over 110 illustrations informing our next steps I have to say this new approach has been a real blast.

Instagram Post: Home Repair


Instagram Post: Wolverine vs. TWD


Instagram Post: Concepting a House-like Mailbox


Our new home still has the previous owner’s name on the mailbox. Only because they painted it on though. So here’s a few of the sketch kick’n around the house outlining a plan to fix that. First the “wrong shape” sketch followed by the more realistic-shaped sketch.




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