Updated Bear iMessage Stickers – In Production

I’m having a blast using Sketch to create an updated version of “Lil’ Bear” iMessage Stickers. Symbols make it much easier and, obviously, there’s the vector advantage. Sadly, the previous was done bitmap. :\

Gif by: Cloudconvert

Sketchnotes – UI Exploration


Maybe A Bunny Did It

One afternoon, while doing yard work together, my wife mysteriously lost her weed puller. “I just had it! Where could it have gone?” she asked while looking around. After nearly 20 minutes of looking, and expanding her search to the entire yard, she said “I’m ready to buy a new one!!” It was then that I stood up from the flowerbed and spotted it resting on the windshield wiper of her car. All I did was point at it and upon seeing it she said “How the f–k did it get there!?!”

Here’s the comic I drew for her later that day.

The “Ways to Draw People at Computers” Guide

My wife, who is also an illustrator, asked me the other day “…how many ways can you draw someone at a computer?” At the time this may have been more of a statement than an actually question to be honest. Regardless, during my lunch hour I created this for her. A rather snarky collection of “Ways to Draw People at Computers.” Enjoy!

160520_ways-to-draw-peeps-computers_01 160520_ways-to-draw-peeps-computers_02

Download “Ways to Draw People at Computers” (PDF – 1.2MB)

Correction Tape + Post-its

During a rather long series of conference calls today I created the following using correction tape, post-its, a ballpoint pen and Copic N2 marker. While this exercise was surprisingly therapeutic it was also one of the finer means of wasting of office supplies. I highly recommend it.









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