Foaming “Little Space Studio”

Several months ago I volunteered to create a foam model of a shared office space layout designed by my wife and her team. It’s actually a business she will be launching soon called “Little Space Studio.” Had I ever created a foam model before? No? Had I been dying too forever? Yes! And while I may not have been honest about my lack of experience up front it’s really about the process, right?? That said…

Little Space Studio Foam Concept

…here’s the concept sketch. This earned me jus’ enough points to be given a final floorplan to begin. So with a fresh x-acto blade, foam, and a glue gun I got to work.

Here’s the final with the lid.


A close-up of the lid and 1 of 2 corners used to help hold it in place.

Here’s the “presentation stand” which helped aim the model towards the audience. There’s a narrow strip of non-slip liner where the stand meets the model too.

Label maker in action.

Finally, a jump scare angle. Oh, and that gap between the wall and floor at the end of the hall was obviously intentional. How else do you expect people to pass emails between the rooms?


Unused Space

I painted the following image for a video project this morning -only it was cut from the line-up. So this is quite literally the only venue for it now. The goal was to create a nighttime sky where stars and anomalies were visible yet not over-the-top in terms of intensity or quantity. Or in other words: Believable.



Bane Bear


One of 14 pieces created recently for an art show at Pub 43 in Grand Rapids, MI.

“You were a phonograph…”


One of 14 pieces created recently for an art show at Pub 43 in Grand Rapids, MI. The copy is from Gregory Alan Isakov’s song “Big Black Car.”

Pulled Scene / “Research From Bed”


The above is 1 of 5 scenes pulled from a recent project. And unlike a typical scenario, where a scene is pulled at the rough stage, these scenes were pulled after coloring. So why were they pulled? Interesting enough, it had nothing to do with quality or content but instead the deliverable date. Due to a shift in the timeline it became imperative to shorten the overall deck (aka “presentation”). The results being this along with 5 other “establishing shots” being pulled. So sometimes pulled work is simply a matter of having a deliverable scaled back.

And special “thank you” to the team for allowing this scene to be shared here!

Happy Holidays!


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