Camille’s pulled treatment / style test

…this approach didn’t work due to the level of detail in the character, the cropping fx, and labeling solution. Although it sounded great during development, right. And jus’ maybe, like the previous post, this format within the time allotted (w/o reference) might have been an issue. Who knows.

“…I know, you can draw me (in the morning) warming my hands with my iPad.”

A style test (‘n evidence I listen to every comment made during a meeting) involving mild texturing, colored lighting, backgrounds with clipping, and selective blurring. But since the process took me nearly twice as long as straight-forward coloring we ditched the approach.

Graphic Recording + 2012 SXSW

Looks like I’ll be doing the graphic recording for the 2012 SXSW Interactive Conference. Slight catch. Their goal is to do it on an iPad 3 using SketchBook Pro by Autodesk. So, yeah. Challenge.

To prepare I’ve been practicing everyday on my iPad (1st gen.) while also trying to narrow-down which stylus performs best. There’s also a number of technical requirements to consider (e.g. res, delivery, formats). But most importantly it’s all about speed. And at the moment I’m 5-6 times faster with a Sharpie. So training includes listening to random conversations in the office, or bits of NPR, and scribing like crazy. The following is from a recent internal meeting…

…and it took 12-minutes to generate. That’s way, way too long. And here’s another from a phone conversation where I scribed low-fidelity to act as instructions for a higher fidelity rendering later…

…which took nearly 15-minutes. That’s 3 times longer than it should take. Granted, I used various features within the app for both (layers, multiple pens, and an eraser effect to generate a gradient feel). But still. I gotta learn to dance faster. Lastly, I have a glove I’m about to test to see if I can minimize the number of false touches from my palm touching the screen. And now that…is gonna make things even more interesting. Stay tuned (and maybe wish me luck too).

“…Now could I drink hot blood, and do such bitter business as the day would quake to look on.”

Style Test / “Searching the White Birch”

Photo Restraintoration

Lets say you’re restoring an old photos with some obscure application, like Photoshop or something, and you encounter a honeycomb-like pattern within the image.

Well, that’s going to slow down the restoration process. Because if you begin cloning like Johnny Blaze, which is a popular approach, you’ll disrupt this pattern and generate scarring. Unless you know a few tricks or something to help maintain the pattern while also repairing the image…

…yeah, ’cause that might be a handy thing to know. M’ just say’n. -Oh, and what if there were some trick on top of that trick to reduce the pattern…

…while also preserving tonal quality along with original detailing. It’s be kinda neat if that could be done, right? M’ just say’n…I could put something like that to work if I knew how to do it.

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