The “Ways to Draw People at Computers” Guide

My wife, who is also an illustrator, asked me the other day “…how many ways can you draw someone at a computer?” At the time this may have been more of a statement than an actually question to be honest. Regardless, during my lunch hour I created this for her. A rather snarky collection of “Ways to Draw People at Computers.” Enjoy!

160520_ways-to-draw-peeps-computers_01 160520_ways-to-draw-peeps-computers_02

Download “Ways to Draw People at Computers” (PDF – 1.2MB)

Zine Template + Layout Document

While preparing materials for a workshop recently I created a leave-behind, a summary of sorts, in zine format. Given the effort behind this zine it seems only fitting to share source files. So if you’re looking for a digital solution that turns a standard, 8.5”x11” letter-size into an 8-panel zine this may help.

THE STORYBOARD TEMPLATE (PDF)150622_zine-storyboard

This first document, which amounts to a single zine page (1 of 8), is a planning document. Print as many as you like and work directly on it. Just remember, ultimately you’re going to need 8 of these to call it good. Once you’re satisfied with your content simply scan the pages and use the InDesign document to help position each page.




The second document, which is the InDesign file, merely positions each image for easy printing. Those unfamiliar with InDesign may consider overwriting the existing zine images (“Links / …jpg” ) with their own scanned pages to instantly position content. However, if you’re familiar with InDesign…well, you know what to do.

Finally, due to the inherent variation in printer specifications there’s no guarantee an edge won’t get a lil’ chopped. If this happens I trust you know your printer well enough to, say, scale things down a bit. Trust I hope it prints perfectly though.


Download » Zine Storyboard Template (PDF – 50 KB)
Download » Zine Layout Template (INDD – 1.6 MB)

Correction Tape + Post-its

During a rather long series of conference calls today I created the following using correction tape, post-its, a ballpoint pen and Copic N2 marker. While this exercise was surprisingly therapeutic it was also one of the finer means of wasting of office supplies. I highly recommend it.







“Teen Zine Workshop” – Zine Instructions


Here’s a downloadable version of the zine used in the LaughFest GR and AIGA WMTeen Zine Workshop” held in both Holland and Grand Rapids. The content is formatted for an introductory-level audience yet shareable under the Creative Commons “Attribution-NonCommercial” license. So have fun distributing it if you like.


Download » “The Secret to Making Zines(PDF / 1.2 MB)

And if you’re new to zines, and need alil’ help with folding, simply refer to this post for instructions. Enjoy!




UX ‘n sketching it up


Here’s a hint at the type of work I’ve been involved with lately, which is favoring my UX skill-set this time. And uncharacteristically allowed for the use of illustrations. This wonderful pairing has truly sped-up the development of personas, information architectures, work flows, rough UI prototypes and now refined wireframes.With over 110 illustrations informing our next steps I have to say this new approach has been a real blast.

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