Discovery…which lead to a change in approach

mysterious device


…discovered the above amongst various sketches I had planned to post, oh-like, several months ago. At the time the goal was to show how pencil, Copic markers, and PS could play nice together. Unfortunately my interests shifted. Thus leaving this, along with dozens of other images, abandoned in a “to post” folder. Which brings me to this constant quandary of determining what post.

With most of my work falling under NDA, doodles hitting Instagram, or the more complex pieces in a type of slow-mo production I’ve found myself wondering what to share here. Well, after giving it plenty of thought I’ve decided to relax the rules a bit. This preference is not only mine but one shared by co-workers and friends. All of which say “You should post that on your blog” following some dry eraser board antic, random cartoon, or doodle in the margins of meeting notes.

So…all of this amounts to an official “I hear ya” and “okay, I’ll do it.” Starting now. *cringe!*

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