You Dress ‘Em » I Draw ‘Em

A fan just had a suggestion -which may actually get me to start posting again. Now, trust I have material to post. A backlog actually. But I’m still alil’ too “active” right now to post regularly. However, I can’t pass this one up. So “Spaceman” said (in this post) “…ask your (avid, drooling) fans to suggest items of clothing and you incorporate those into a single person-thing.” Okay. -I like! Maybe one suggestion, from different people,  per area (e.g head, torsel, etc.)? Truth is, like I care at this point. I’ll let one person hog the whole thing. Just c’mon. Lets do this, right.

Basic questions before I can begin:

  • Male or female?
  • Head gear?
  • Attire for upper half?
  • Attire for lower half?
  • Type of footwear?


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