“Coloring Lineart in PS CS5” ( Tutorials 1 – 3 )

In April (2012) I created 3 tutorials for a very small design audience interested in seeing my “production-paced” approach to coloring storyboards. It was really an unfiltered looked at the process -yet also janky-as-Hell production-wise as I was more interested in getting them done ’n out than tweaking audio, adjusting colors, etc. Because, honestly, it was more about the dance in PS than the mic’s distance from my mouth (yikes!). Anyhow, with those massive disclaimers in place I offer a 3-parter of my coloring process to visitors here.

NOTE: The third tutorial demonstrates an interesting technique for creating background effects -which I stated was my most recent approach. Well…not exactly. Not as of June. :) There’s been a few improvements, plus new effects, which I also hope to share.

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