TEDx Grand Rapids / Preview

I recently had the good fortune of being the Graphic Recorder (using an iPad 3) for TEDx Grand Rapids. The illustrations create for that event will be available via the TEDx site soon and also here. However, I really wanted to share one in advance. But first…you’ll need alil’ context.

There was a total of 14 speakers divided into 4 sessions, 3 performances, plus a few extras. Each speaker held the stage for roughly 15-minutes with only a few minutes between talks. Challenging to illustrate, yes. However, that’s hardly as challenging as creating illustrations for performance pieces. Initially I ignored the performance pieces because, at the time, I was racing to keep pace with the speaker’s illustrations. So essentially I treated the performance pieces like a type of “pit stop.” Well, later I was asked “Hey, did you create illustrations for those performance pieces too??” Enter a Will Smith-like response of “Ah, pfffff, course I did.”

Knowing all that, here’s one of the performance illustrations create post-conference (minus the TEDx branding) for an interpretive dance by “The Dance of the Annex.” Extra stress on the word “Interpretive!” Meaning “really, really hard to interpret” or “it could mean anything.”

As for the dancers, is was wonderful watching you perform. While I don’t know each of you personally I took care in representing the five of you as best I could. It was tricky though. Fingers crossed.

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