(Swingasan) Chair in the Clouds

…and along comes a “Swingasan” chair. So after months of staring at it online, two visits to the store, plus Jeanie’s urging I nabbed one. And it’s heaven. Features include drink holders on either side plus “pockets” for books and/or magazines (or iPads’). Kinda minimal actually. However there’s this great “drifting” sensation thanks to a very heavy spring joining the chair to the stand.

Now the cushions and lighting (“Home String Lights – Beaded Barrel” x2 sets) were sold separately. Oh,and to help the green cording blend with the chair I sprayed it with textured, brown paint after masking the bulbs with painter’s tape. Tiny zip-ties were used in the end to connect everything…

That aside, I have alil’ project in mind. I’m going to share the next 5 things I draw while sitting in this chair. With an iPad (w/ Sketchbook Pro), either Jetty’s “Counterfeit” or Reijseger’s “Forgotten Dreams #4” on repeat, plus a few glasses of Dulcis Red I should…well, lets just see what happens.

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