Pulled Scene + Conversation

(A conversation during a recent phone meeting)

Client: “Okay, we were talking about your illustrations and you draw women really good.”

Me: “Wow, seriously, thank you very much!”

Client: “Yeah, one of the AD’s saw your stuff and said “He gets away with a lot.”

Me: “Okay, I’m not sure where to file that.”

Client: “I think what he meant was they [girl illustrations] are close to sexy.”

Me: “Alright, should I be pulling things back??”

Client: “No, no, we were just joking about a few of them. They don’t have superhero bodies or anything. They just look…put together.”

Me: “That sounds good…Kinda.”

Client: “(LOL) I don’t know what I’m saying -wait. (NAME) is asking if you use a reference.”

Me: “That’s actually a really good question. No. But I put out a casting call for one recently and bombed. I was offering $125 an hour plus milage reimbursement and got nothing.”

Client: “Were you asking for nude models??”

Me: “No, that’s the thing. It’s totally G-rated. T-shirts and jeans. Seriously.”

Client: “Wow, you’d get models here if you asked. (NAME) said she’ll model. I think she wants to be in a scene.”

Me: “I’m fine with that. Cause right now I modeling for my scenes if I need it.”

Client: “No you don’t! Did you model for that scene we just pulled?”

Me: “Which one??”

Client: “I know, right! Cause we keep pulling scenes. Uhm, where (NAME) is wearing the earrings and there’s the iPhone.”

Me: “Oh, no-no. Not like that. Not a close-up. I can’t pull that off. But I’m the hand model with the iPhone.”

Client: “(LOL) Okay, well I think the guys are trying to write somewhere where we show skin.”

Me: “I’m ready if it’s part of the story I guess. That’d be a first though.”

Client: “(LOL) Someone just asked if your blog has any examples of girls showing skin.”

Me: “…uhm, ya know. I’m not sure if it does. I kinda don’t remember.”

Client: “Okay, well if it does I think the guys want to know. Send them a link or something.”

Me: “Alright. I’ll remember that…if I ever draw something like that.”

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