Making Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes (again)

Been taking tiny steps towards this recipe. Here’s the latest attempt which, I feel, is one step away from the “we got it” moment. Oh, and this particular recipe is egg, nuts, and dairy-free. Maybe even gluten. Gotta check on that. Anyhow, the building blocks were:

  • 2 white cake mixes
  • 2 “fluffy” white frostings
  • food coloring
  • icing coloring
  • box of 12 ice cream cones

First, we mixed one of the cake mixes ‘n baked it in a rectangular dish. Caution: If you have a problem raising cakes for the sole purpose of slaughter you should really stop reading now.

So next we blended the second cake mix, divided it into several dishes, and hit each with food coloring. Which is jus’ too much fun. Seriously. After gently stirring (to insure the batter still rises) we spooned the colorful mixtures into cupcake liners. If you wanna be precise with your coloring consult the color chart on the back of the food coloring box. However, if you wanna be the type of person people actually want to hang around just add color(s) until it looks “about right.”

This is just another shot of the mixture…because it’s just so damn pretty. Although things got ugly next. Remember that first cake mix? Well, it had just finished baking. And because I had raised it since birth it waddled right up to me when I called it. That’s when I climbed it to a pulp -then gutted it with a fork. Here’s the results.

The warm, fluffy innards ( <— word combination I’ll never use again) was then emptied into a bowl, frosting added, and folded with love and care.

This oddly unidentifiable mixture was then placed in the freezer for around 20-minutes. The refrigerator would have sufficed on any normal day but we were actually in a hurry that evening. Moving on. As the cake-frosting mixture cooled and colorful cupcakes baked we turned our attention to the cones. As luck would have it, we stumbled upon a cardboard tray in the recycling. Score. We chose to flip this tray over and Grandpa (who desperately needs something to do these days) kindly cut holes in it to hold the cones.

Blam. Ice cream cone holders. Now if we had had more time I would have covered the tray in white paper and drawn all over it. So maybe it was a good thing we didn’t have time (?).

Next we spooned the chilled cake-frosting mix into each cone.

Because I’m doing a crappy job of telling this story you missed the part where the cupcakes were removed from the oven and also cooled in frig. Why? Only because we were pressed for time. It’s not like I’d mention any of this online -or include an image of me sliding cupcakes into the frig on a metal tray.

Here’s “Holy Crap This Is Fun” moment #2. Blending Wilton “Icing Colors” with frosting. And where might you find such a product -without having to speak in a British accent, travel by carriage, or adorn an opera hat? Meijer. A box of 12 colors cost around $13. Note, it’s actually a unique gel that doesn’t thin the icing. So next we divided the icing (-should I call it “icing” or “frosting?” WFT?) into several dishes and used toothpicks to add the coloring.

Chloe rocked the icing using her “dribble” method. Had I cooled the frosting/icing it might have covered better but, again, time was a factor so we stuck with icing only the top of the treat. Next time we’re gonna really chill the frosting and go Martha on it.

And here’s the end results. Like I said, I think we’re one batch awhile from really making these rock. Next time the focus will be on getting the frosting to cover the tops and improving the cone holder. BTW, these were out the door before I tried one…so I have no idea how they tasted. Really curious though. Until that time comes I’m gonna jus’ stare at this picture (jus’ like you).

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