Earning votes w/smiles

Our office recently entered an office make-over contest and became 1 of 25 finalist (chosen from over 250 entries). Of those 25 finalist 5 will be chosen as winners…and it all came down to voting. So over the past few weeks our staff reached out to everyone they knew for help.

In conjunction with their efforts I created the following images as companions to “vote reminder” tweets. The logic here being why just say “Vote for us if you haven’t already” when you can trigger waves of guilt for, say, not helping our water bottles find a home. Cause I’ll been known to do anything for a sad stapler or grief-stricken easel. Knowing that, I can only imagine how the following images must have tugged, -or maybe “torn,” at audience’s heartstrings.

Tweet: “Our tired office furniture…”

Tweet: “Our water bottles can find a home with your help. Vote for Visualhero (contest link)”

Tweet: “Our office could use your help. Vote for Visualhero (contest link)”

Tweet: “Our coffee maker is shocked by our office conditions. You can help change that by voting for us! (contest link)”

So there you go. Earning votes w/smiles. Maybe-sort’a-kinda.

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