A Tiger Lily for Martha

A good friend of mine, Tracy, asked if I could paint a wineglass with a tiger lily for Martha’s birthday. Martha being an incredible, mutual acquaintance. Well, now looking back there’s a good change I said “Yes” alil’ too quick. Because, first, I had never painted…like, really painted onto a surface, definitely never painted a tiger lily…nor painted any flower for that matter, or dealt with glass as a “canvas.” All that aside…here’s the results…

Now, let me just tell you a few things about painting on glasses. First, keep your hands clean! No Cheetos. Second, ignore “craft” acrylics and enamels. Aim for “Heavy Body” acrylic. It’s extremely thick, hence the name, and while pricey  it covers like paint frick’n should. In one coat. Two if you wanna be cute. Other paints, like craft acrylic,require 5 or 6 coats minimal and can spark profanity.

So say the painting goes well for you. Time for a clear coat. Well, truth is I’m still working on that step. High gloss acrylic can cloud easily…and smells after even 72 hrs. of drying. Not cool. Because folks dropping to the floor after sipping their Italia Roscato is bad for business. Same threat accompanies the use of clear enamel spray. So I’m looking for a solution that puts a mild sheen on the glass, allows for the usual baking to set things, and doesn’t cloud or add a matte-like texture. Problems aside, here’s a look at the lab:

  1. Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paint
  2. Rubber Alcohol (70%) for cleaning the glass
  3. Concept sketch to remind me how things are suppose to roll
  4. One of three “practices” glasses
  5. Existing collection of craft acrylic (“craft” meaning crappy, sh#tty, no-good)

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