Photoshop Action / Coloring Lineart

Here’s the Photoshop CS action mentioned in an up-coming tutorial series for coloring lineart. As shown, it takes a “grayscale” scan and divides it into three Layers:

  • “Lineart” – Art preserved with alpha range from 5% to 100%
  • “Color” – Beneath the “Lineart” layer and waiting color application.
  • “Background” – The “paper” layer -or whatever you want to place in the background.

Download > “coloring lineart.atn” (4KB .atn)

  • Lukasz

    you could even use extendscript to send it over to illustrator, autotrace, smooth the lines, then blast that bad boy back over to PS. good stuff.

  • It’s the Woo! Hey! And you’re right. Plus that AI auto-trace function could even pause and ask which style the user would like to trace with. -Great suggestion!

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