A New Digital Environment

Been exploring new tech lately -one being drawing on the iPad3. While SXSW taught me a lot, and as I prepare to do the same for TedX, I still found myself questioning the logistics…oh, until the other night. Sitting in bed I thought “I’ll just draw the lantern that’s on the wall. No detail. Just alil’┬ástill-life drama to test this pad’s performance.” Uhm, well, the new iPad3’s performance turned that lil’ exercise into a f*ck’n party. The responsiveness was sick compared to the iPad2 -plus the new resolution? It’s on now. I’ve got plans.

Here’s the illo…


…and below you’ll find the raw, .psd file generated by “Sketchbook Pro (iPad).” Check it out if you’re wondering about resolution, layering, file compatibility, or whatever.

> Download “Lantern(.psd @ 2.5MB)

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