Storyboard Traffic Management

Here’s what’ll be on the wall beside my desk for the next few weeks. It’s an overview of “project 1” of 3. This particular one requires the completion of 30, full-color scenes. -And soon. So to help alleviate production issues I generally do the following for larger jobs. First, it really helps to print all approved scenes in 2×2 format. After that I…

A). Note the “illustration number” in terms of quantity
B). Records any last minute notations regarding the scene
C). Note the “scene/frame number” as people sometimes refer to a scene’s placement relative to their copy deck or script page
D). Note the date -which simply means I should be at this point, on that date, to insure an on-time delivery

There. And knowing all that…I need to get to work. Cause that information, plus all those scenes staring at me, is really freak’n me out.

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