Graphic Recording + 2012 SXSW (pt II)

Still practicing for SXSW using “Sketch Book Pro” on an iPad (g1). The event is only days away. Right now I’m on my fourth stylus and so far it’s the best (“Pogo Sketch Pro” by Ten One Design). Although I did recently learn of the “Jot Touch” -which looks like it  could really have hit the spot…but it’s not available yet (?).

(practice’n during an internal meeting)

On top of fine-tuning proficiency within the app I’ve fashioned a glove to aid with the drawing process. Ideally I’d like to rest my hand on the surface while sketching. Like normal, right? But at least three fingers are required for gesturing so alil’ altering to the glove was necessary. Using fabric scissors I snipped the tips of three fingers and applied “Aleen’s “Stop Fraying”” to the edges.

Now the last step will be to dye the glove black using RIT…cause I don’t want to roll like MJ…or a health inspector.

Finally, I also learned my renderings will be captured by a few news sites to utilize however they see fit. Not sure which ones yet. But once I find out I’ll be sure to share details. Of course.

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