The making of an “Om Nom” / Version 1

Crummy weather equals craft project. This time we decided to make the character “On Nom” from the popular iPad game “Cut the Rope.” Paper-mache style. With that…

…Chloe and I nabbed newspaper ($1) and a 15″ beach ball ($5) from the grocery store. Oddly…we found paper plates, party cups, and a couple oatmeal containers (which we quickly dismissed) in the cabinets jus’ ready to go. Strange. Anyhow. Next we…

…hot glued the cups to the beach ball to form the legs.

Here’s the front and back legs in place.

Next we used cardboard to create the lip and teeth.

The cardboard mouth was hot glued into place plus the paper plate for eyes.

For the antenna we twisted-up a plastic, shopping bag and used a twist tie to help form the narrow stem.

Here’s all the pieces glued into place.

Next. The paper -mache. A simply flour and water mixture did the trick.

Here’s the results of a single layer. I’d recommend 3 layers (to those with patience).

The local hardware store didn’t have a suitable spray paint color so the clerk offered us a very affordable sample of Benjamin Moore ($6). “Spring Meadow Green” was close enough.

Oh, yeah. Soft brush ($4). Important to have.

A single coat was all it took plus alil’ white acrylic paint.

Dig the surgical precision behind the application of black acrylic paint using a Winsor & Newton “Spectre Gold II 101” brush comprised of a Sable/Synthetic blend. Which helped place the finishing touches on a…

…biggo “Om nom” -who was photographed in the elevators, hallway, living room floor, and finally here…in the office chair. Blam! :)

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