Pulled Image + Pooled Words

The girl on the right (w/arms crossed) was a pulled “casting image.”It was little more than loose lines when I began to crumble it -but stopped. “Nah, trash it” I thought -but stopped again. And I’m still not sure why. Cause it was bad. Bad shape, rhythm, proportions. Everything. So rather than pitch-it I sat it aside as a type of “try’n fix this someday” challenge. That was, oh, over 2 months ago.

Time passed, lines were tweaked, and she ultimately turned into the above. Then I sat the page aside again. Later, when I needed to practice hair, I reach for the same sheet and created the gal on the left. More time passed, things were added, and thus another practice sheet is born. As for the words, they are a collection of sayings from countless, random sites. Dig.

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