Hidden Logos: Light Snow + SUV

Developing logos has never been a strength of mine. Ever. Finding them in obscure places might be though. Or rather, finding logos that lack a purpose/client would be more accurate. Anyhow, one late evening I noticed a lone SUV leaving the parking ramp. Its tires left a unique path in the snow-covered pavement. So I grabbed my phone and shot this…

…which I later opened in Photoshop (“PS”) to adjust the perspective…

…so it would be easy to trace in Illustrator.. Or rather, easierĀ to trace in Illustrator. So after a few paths were dropped into place I converted them to artistic strokes. That step landed the image here.

Note the brush type. This is a standard stroke, inflated to 50 pts., with the brush”flat” selected from the “calligraphic” library. At this stage it’s all about playing around. Like this.

The above is the results of delivering a touch of the “simplify” feature from the “objects / paths” menu. So, there. A pretend-logo derived from SUV tracks in the snow. Enjoy.

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