Kirby vs. Bear Ears


…was all inspired by Lizglizz‘s efforts and decided to take a swing at making earrings myself. Tough! Obvious. The above was my first attempt -and special request from Clo. Kirby earrings. Once I figure out how to smooth the clay a bit more, plus purchase a few tools specific to working with clay, it’s on.

(Cheap) Supplies (from Hobby Lobby) included the following:

4mm Ball Post (10 pc) @ $2.99
These serves as the foundation for the clay (ball). The part that travels through the ear? That’s the “post.”

Butterfly Clutch (34 pc.) @ $2.99
These are the clasp for the post. I nabbed these because the clasps that accompanying the “4mm ball post” seemed too small. These “Butterfly Clutch” were at least twice the size and easier to manipulate. Considering Clo might be taking these on ‘n off I didn’t want to give her a reason to use language beyond her age.

Sculpey III Oven-Bake Clay (12 pc. Multipack) @ $9.99
Plenty of clay for a project this size! No joke. Once you’ve creating whatever it is you’re about jus’ bake this stuff at 275° for 15 minutes (per .25″ thickness) and it hardens-up. And it retains it’s color too! Boom Shakalaka.

While the ball post and butterfly clutch are hypo-allergenic there’s always real silver. Like anything quality, it’ll cost you. And the “Sculpey III” clay is z’aright. If price is any indicator there’s always Fimo and Premo. And dont’ forgot your HB coupon. No need to print it either. They’ll accept it right from your phone.

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