Fang’n It

Decided to post this so I didn’t have to send photos out in all different directions. Blogs are handy like that. So, this…

…was my pseudo Halloween costume this year for walking with Clo. I was aiming for the Eric “I just feed” Northman blood pattern around the mouth. That was accomplished by dabbing red, brown, and black acrylic paint with a cotton ball (generously) around my mouth. The detailed droplets required a brush. Watered-down, black face paint made my eyes dark(er). The fangs, which worked surprisingly well, were “Custom Dracula Fangs.”

a). An hour before going out.
b). Detailed view of the mess…and post-neighbor scare.
c). Detailed fang view.

So, there ya go. Oh, and I found that people have a tough time looking at you when your mouth is covered in blood. Like, for example, when grocery shopping -or if you join them on an elevator. Because, seriously, I didn’t have to let them reach their floor, right?

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