Random Artists

Recently Chloe and I were enjoying the last of Art Prize, walking ’n talking about whatever, and paused to do alil’ sidewalk chalk near the river. Chloe began drawing a simple flower and I, for once, simply watched. Plenty of people passed by -however I immediately was a fan of one particular little girl who left her mom’s side and went straight for our chalk. “Lela, stop,” her mom shouted. “Those aren’t ours.” “Oh, it’s fine,” I said. “She looks like she’s on a mission.” Turns out Lela and her mom draw, paint, and sculpt all the time. “We’re known for having ‘the strange house’ in the neighborhood,” her mom confessed. “We’re where all the parents send their kid when they want them away from the TV or video games.” And with that, Lela and I drew lions, bear-lions, rabbits, and her mom joined in with a psychedelic ostrich.

Lela and Chloe connected next and soon another kid joined in. Followed by another, and another, until a many as 9 were drawing at once. At one point Chloe and I just sat back and watched. It was crazy….crazy seeing how much happiness a $5 box of sidewalk chalk could generate.

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