Making Jellyszzz

…made a jellyfish last week using a produce bag from Meijer and a rubberband. It turned out better than I expected. I say “expected” like it was planned. True is the idea landed while I was leaning against the counter and watching dinner bake. Regardless, this tiny creation ended up hanging above my desk where the A/C caused it to sway.

Fast-forward to yesterday where I found wastebasket-size, clear trash bags at work. -Essentially a larger, tougher version of the produce bag. Well, tonight I put the same technique to the test on these large bags and…

…I have giant jellyfish on my ceiling. Only this time, rather than taping them to the ceiling, I pierced each with a Christmas ornament hooks and tape that to the ceiling. Now they move. Anyhow, my goal is to fill the living room ceiling with them. Maybe some in color. Not sure how to pull that off yet. But I will. Stay tuned.

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