Making Jellyszzz (pt. 2)

A friend (and amazing craftsman) loaned me his shrink wrap sealer and…well, it’s on now. Since the sealer bonds the plastic together there’s no visible scars, seams, or added materials. All that’s needed is an ornament hook. Only I haven’t addressed coloring yet. So far straight acrylic, acrylic + window cleaner, spray paint, and food color have been tested but ultimately detract from the design. A fellow designer suggested “laundry detergent” along with “black lighting” to produce a safe, long lasting, glow effect. While I’m game for that…it feels like an Art Prize entry to be honest. Hint-hint.

S’anyhow…tonight I took two glow-stick bracelets, activated ’em, cut both ends open, and emptied the content into the “jelly bag.” At first it didn’t appear to work. But with the lights out…

…now to be fair, this is a 10-second time exposure and the damn thing wouldn’t stop rotating Hence the blur. So it’s alil’ brighter in the above image than in real-life. Regardless, it glows. Even the tentacles. Which I managed to do by dipped my fingers into the glowing solution and running them down the long strips.

My next step is to upgrade the glow sticks. Screw those tiny bracelet ones. Standard size glow-sticks will really make things pop. Speaking of, I now have 10 of these things above my head. -But jus’ wait until I figure out how to light ’em and add a water effect.

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