“Mega Hopscotch”

Chloe and I recently created, what she called, a “Mega Hopscotch.” So what began as just a few hopscotch squares soon grew to over 1,000 feet in length.
As we chalked this creation amongst wedding groups (x4), concert goers, and those simply out to enjoy the afternoon we wound up talking to everyone. An art teacher, rapper, healthcare students, several couples, photographers, “Kenny Chesney” fans, -the list goes on. By the time we stopped, only because it was dinner time, we had drawn around 1,065 feet worth of hopscotch squares. Complete with bonus points and portions requiring considerable leaps.

I was able to capture the whole thing (within 95 photos). Which, if you like, you can view on the “Mega Hopscotch” page.

Next plan…a larger one.

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