discovering a “safe spot” within the archive

Had the opportunity to peruse a collection of old art. Specifically, my old art. First thing that came to mind was “Wow, I’ve done a lot of stuff.” Particular within this 2-3 inch folder tucked away with an archive.


Clearly, at some point, I assembled various works and packed ’em into this tiny space. Maybe a “safe spot (?).” Not sure.  But talk about an overwhelmed sense of being transported to a moment in time. While holding one page I could recall, say, developing a character comp. for a packaging project. Then the next page would hold a comic of some sort -along with a glimpse into how I felt at the time. Then another page would ignite a collection of memories surrounding the experience of working within an agency. Naturally, there’s no way to store all these pieces in a fresh area of the mind. Nor on a wall. Sadly. So…

…the finer point is, I found some interesting stuff. And I’m going to share a lot of it. Here. Soon. Oh, and I’m excited about it. Stay tuned.

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