‘nother Churu + K girl

Lots of 11×17 paper ‘n sharpies around us these days. You know what can happen in that type of situation, right? -Stuff. Like an ultra rough sketch gets placed on the table, someone slides it over and adds alil’ definition to it, it slides back ‘n more definition gets added, and next thing you know there’s an image. One without a clear author. Kinda makes your head tilt like a dog after a card trick.






So this is merely one among many, many sketches. Some tame and others definitely not suitable for this audience. Which is why Churu and I, plus a few artists and designers, are launching another blog soon. One where you’ll be able to enjoy the works of many within a single site. And the content? It’ll oscillate between “oh, how cute” and “I feel like I’m going to go to Hell just from looking at this (and laughing).” So stay tuned.

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