Pandas on Kinkajou’s Fingers

ud_110117_pandasPainted pandas on my daughter’s fingernails this weekend. Talk about tricky. At first she said “Lets do pandas on three fingers and just bamboo on the other fingers” on both hands.” Okay, I figured “sure-why-not.” I’ve got a Sceptre Gold II #3 ready and” well, tiny pandas might look good on my resume. So after a coat of “Sally Hansen ‘Insta-Dri’ – 09 Rapid Red“ (Meijer or Target)” I took on the pandas with “Craft Smart” acrylic paint (Hobby Lobby or Michael’s). It wasn’t long before I said “Wait! I can do pandas AND bamboo on each finger, Clo.” Since 90% of her attention was on “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” she gave me a “mm-mhpff.” Well, 30-minutes later ten pandas were staring back at her. Victory. A double coat of “Sally Hansen Diamond Strength” clear coat locked them in” for alil’ while. Only seven bears survived the day. -But that’s not the point. The point is” I can do the bamboo more realistic next time.



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