Korean’ubien Girl [updated]

Finally got to work on a project with the incredibly talented Churu. And it only took about 5 months to arrange. Anyhow, during production he drew the following after I made an off-handed comments about” well, lets just skip that part. The point is he created this (below) as a way of meeting a challenge…while synonymously getting his work done. Sick.


Afterwards I said “I’ll take that sketch and put some extra stank on it later.” Well, I did” but really prefer his original. Probably doesn’t help I gave her feline-like pupils. Oh, well. I couldn’t control myself…


So in the interest of restoring order I just sent him the .psd of the above and asked him to color it. Maybe he’ll do more than that. We’ll see. Stay tuned. And within only a few hours he returned this (!)…


..and I was, like, “daaaaaaaaaamn.” So them I did this…

ud_110115_ms-try_D..and at this point we call it quits…’n “Peace” like DJ Kentaro.

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