Snippet: “User-Focused” (updated)


A snippets from a recent “graphic recording” session. Though challenging the process is raw, irreversible (because normally I use Sharpies), and fast-paced. I’m still honing which tools work best. An apron will be the next thing I purchase along with Tomboy Markers and Sharpie Super Twin Tip. I’ve learned the apron is just a necessary evil. Sure, it looks odd with slacks and a dress shirt. But who cares? The pockets will help store my iPhone and many other items. The iPhone, or any smart phone, rules when it comes to hitting the “WordBook XL“ app and/or using Google images for reference.

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Ronna Alexander. She has a wide range of skills and does great graphic reporting. Check her out. In short, she can create more in a few hours than some artists can generate over weeks.

Received some great feedback from Jeanelle with Big Picture Solutions within the comments. -Thanks, Jeanelle! I’m moving your thoughts to the post area:

“If you’re doing large-scale graphic recording, then what you create doesn’t need to be irreversible.  Here’s a tip: get some white address labels and consider them your boo-boo strips.  Put something up on a page and need to change it?  Slap a label over it and keep on going!  : )

Tombows are a staple for my graphic recording, as are – surprisingly – the sharpie flip chart marker sets.  No chisel point, but no bleed-through either.”

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