Cluster Phuck


The above was scribbled onto scrap paper several months ago. It’s simply a vent about the challenges/demands imposed on vehicle cluster designs. Maybe even UI’s in general -and the total number of features. There’s excellent studies (e.g. “Distracted Driving Conference“) supporting fewer features in vehicles. Although few OEM’s are giving any attention to this. So the odds of you rear-ending someone (like a state trooper) can triple if given the ability to, oh, peruse your music library by “album art” while digesting navigational instructions via the “Driver Information Center” (DIC) as you fly down the highway. Hell, the data says just looking over at your phone while driving drops your reaction time to the equivalent of a blood-alcohol level of .08. And that’s just from paying mild attention to a device. Forbid you decide to stream a College Humor video. Which means, of course, no AT&T subscriber will ever suffer a distraction. Anyhow, I should keep this short” cause I’m emailing this post directly to this blog from my phone! Which I can totally do while I’m driving.

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