A workshop?

A few people have suggested I hold a workshop. “Thank you” very much for the interest…and I’m willing to do it. But I have a few questions. What do you want me to cover? When would work best for you? Make a few suggestions. Because I’m actually alil’ stomped. I’ve heard “Photoshop tips,” “anything on typography,” “illustrator help,” and “can you give me a web design walk-thru?” The answer is “yes.” But I’m hearing the “how can I get a damn job” question more often than “can you show me how to Live Trace in AI?”

So tell me what you’re thinking. This, like always, is a dynamic process and one I’ll let you shape. So help me fill-in the TBA’s…

  • When: TBA (January 1 onward? Evening? Weekend?)
  • Where: TBA (Kalamazoo)
  • Topics: TBA
  • Bring: Your laptop
  • Duration: Attendees decide
  • Cost: TBA (but very affordable)
  • Vibe: Informal

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