Blake + k (update)

Despite missing Alan’s “Drink ‘n Draw” last week I did managed to catch-up with Blake the other night. After discussing various techniques we decided to trade an illustration back ‘n forth, while in the coffee shop, just to see what would happen. Blake started, setting it up as a girl kinda floating in the air, and from there it lead to this…after 1.25 hours (?)…


…we both touched this piece equally so it’s hard to tell who did what. -Which is the whole point I guess. And to be honest, I haven’t done this is many years. So thanks, Blake! Next, I have one of his rough sketches to color. Stay tuned. We’ll compare coloring treatments.

Blake’s Deviant Art site (
Blake’s blog (


Here’s a brush we made the same night. It was only suppose to serve as a quick example but turned out to work well. WTF? Anyhow, change it’s settings to 0% Spacing, Angle 45?, Roundness 64%, and select “Shape Dynamics” along with “Smoothing.”

ud_100507_icon Download “ .abr PS brush @ 82KB)

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