“J Witch”

091103_j-witchThe above is alil’ art I “donated” to the Photoshop class I teach. Within the 15-week course I cover “coloring lineart” at some point. Normally for only one class session (3-hours). This semester the students requested two class sessions of “coloring linart.” -Not because I’m teaching it. Likely because it’s an interesting and relevant topic for them. Do my students know I color lineart or illustrate for a living? Generally “no.” I never bring up my occupation. So…knowing how involved it can get I promised not to “donate” art or provide too many secrets this semester. Well, I broke both of those promises. I gave ’em the above piece just before Halloween and revealed some advanced production steps. Luckily, only a small percentage of students commit this stuff to memory (or notes) so much of it will be lost. It’s odd though…

…I teach “Web Design” and “Photoshop” with reasonable success -but those are my weakest areas. Imagine letting me near a drawing, design studio, portfolio/marketing, Illustrator, or Adv. PS course. Kinda scared to see what would happen if I were closer to my core skill set.

Anyhow, I figure I can gift the same art to you. Why not?

» Download “j witch.psd(zipped .psd CS3 / grayscale @ 150 dpi / 160KB)
» Download “j witch.ai(zipped .ai CS3 / CMYK / 246KB)


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