Macon in Minutes

Recently completed a project involving the illustration of 36 buildings inside of 1-week. Each building was based on an actual location in Macon, GA. The goal? Art for a scavenger hunt map and event hosted by Mercer University. Reference photography was supplied. However, it also took Google Maps (Street View), Video, Flickr content, and misc. websites to collect multiple views. Now I can’t stand behind every building in terms of 100% accuracy. However, I will stand behind every building in terms of 100% accuracy after they are reduced down to 20%. Seriously. Go search for reference shots for “Washington Memorial Library in Macon, GA” and you’ll see what I mean.

Here’s a time-lapse of the “First Presbyterian” sketch. After doing so many of these I figured I had to capture at least one being created…

View “Umami Design: Sketch Process” via YouTube.

Oh, and for the first time I used a fellow illustrator/artist/designer to assist with coloring. David Miles was kind enough to crave out some time to play -and he rocked it! Now if only the two of us could play on a project with a 3-month timeline as opposed to 4-days.


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