Clo’s Lil’ Sign

Made the following sign a few weeks ago for my daughter’s “8th Birthday / Sleep-Over Party.” I’ve wanted to make one of these forever (on foam core) but it’s a time thing. If given a respectable Copic marker set, supplies, and enough caffeine…well, I could crank out some interesting ‘n fun stuff. For now, dig on this…

ud_090807aDrew the rough on some cheap-o poster board.

ud_090807bInked with a Sharpie and gave the border a healthy x3 thickness…

ud_090807c…so that it would look like this.

ud_090807dAt this stage I learned  I had no fresh markers available. So not only were my color options slim…every marker I tried gave-out within a few passes.

Regardless, I got it done. Originally I wanted it staked beside the
driveway to greet guests but rain was in the forecast. -Oh, note the
white outline around the character. That’s all exact-o work.
That white outline simply helps the character pops alil’ more.
But like I said, I want to fill the house (or someone’s) with this stuff.

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