Subaru 2012

I created the above vehicle for a 101-level class I teach team. It’s all Photoshop’d. No 3ds Max or anything (yet). The project, in its second round, is an “Ad Agency” simulation where 60 students are divided into 3 groups. Each group is them divided into a select number of AE’s, CD’s, Project/Traffic Managers, Print Designers, Illustrators, Copywriters, Web Designers, Animators / Engineers. Unlike the prior simulation, each group is now competing to build “the most innovative marketing strategy.” I’ll hold on how we’ll quantified “innovative.” Instead, focus on this:

1. I, the client, presented a futuristic Subaru.
2. Information concerning the vehicle, beyond a brief overview, was provided only when questions were asked. The goal here to force interaction.
3. A recap of the information presented was not posted to the course blog. The rationale here being that they had to document everything.
4. They were given 1-week to complete the exercise.
5. At the end of the exercise the AE’s and CD’s have to present. -Plus any team member they see fit to join them.

Now for the vehicle…which is the fun part. From a visual standpoint, I lightly modified the original Subaru 2008 Outback while also adding pieces from an Audi, BMW, and VW. Don’t forget the digital painting of course. The result is this fictitious, 2012 electric Outback. Features? Here’s a few:

  • ARC3 Power System; Batteries comprised of living cells coupled with milithium which delivers energy via Power Transfer Fibers (PTF) coated in an aqueous membrane
  • 245-horsepower moderated by Si-DRIVE performance management system
  • 440-mpc (1-hour charge time)
  • AWD
  • Wireless Power Transfer (for charging)
  • HUD Display
  • Keyless entry and push button ignition
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Electro Chromatic Glass (Luminosity Reactive Tinting)
  • Aprilla OS (An open-source operating system which bundles a variety of features)
  • Tri-Xenon High-Density Discharge headlamps w/ Adaptive Front Lighting System
  • Ventless Climate Control
  • Between-compartment rail system (slides from front cab to back)
  • Five colors plus a reskinning package

Additional fictional branding included:

  • Aprillaâ„¢ OS is an open-source operating system which bundles a variety of features ranging from voice recognition, navigational system to the linking of portable devices and media delivery. Due to the open-source nature, a library of software applications (like the iPhone) would be available to owners. Example: “Parental Controls” allowing parents to “dial-down” the vehicles horsepower and other performance characteristics for when teenage drivers are behind the wheel. “iMechanic” notifies owners of upcoming maintenance or other issues and displays authorized mechanics in the areas. “Grocery IQ” pairs with RF sensors to inventory groceries onboard and share the info with other applications that track items purchased for home.
  • Stewardâ„¢ is protection likened to On-Star but also provides tracking information to local rescue.
  • Cloudâ„¢ is a subscription-based service for bridging the vehicle’s computer to global networks.
  • Capricornâ„¢ is an independent, subscription-based energy provider. Members, for as little as $20 a month, have access to wireless power networks. Meaning your vehicle can actually charge while you’re driving it. Kinda like if your cel phone’s signal was piggy-backed by an actual charge.

Misc. items:

$2,500 of the cars total $22,000 cost is an “Eco-Deposit” which the buyer receives back when the vehicle is returned for disposal or declared “totaled” by an insurance company. Subaru then recycles and/or harvests portions of the vehile for additional uses.

The “reskinning package” gives anyone the ability to personalized the vehicle -thus expanding the market to those unlikely 20-somethings in addition to businesses and government agencies (e.g. “Mobile DJ,” “Small Business Promotional Theme,” “Law Enforcement and/or Emergency Response,” “State Park,”). How do you reskin it. Magnetic panels.

…there’s more. But that’s enough for now. How valuable is this type of exercise to students? We’ll see. Traditionally I’ve found that I, like many instructors, easily spend more time building an assignment than many students spend on it. This one is certainly no exception. I guess I’ll see what happens this Friday when they present. Sometimes results from these projects tell you whether you should continue foregoing a social life in exchange for creating something bigger than those “Write an Essay about…” assignments. Meanwhile, I so want this vehicle to exist.

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