KAFI 2009 Poster

Here’s the final promotional print piece for the “Kalamazoo Animation Festival International 2009.” The Lead Illustrator and Designer is Pete Rix -as mentioned here many times. It took Pete over 200 hours to take this piece from refined lineart to a solid vector file. My contributions to this included sketching the vehicles (ambulance, mobile crime lab, motorcycle cop, and police cruisers) and apply texturing, lighting, and shading. Here’s a look at the final Illustrator file which Pete narrowed down to only 18 Layers…

..and here’s a close up.

At this stage it was a matter of building a library of Selections in Photoshop. It took 3.5 hours to divide the people ‘n windows from the buildings, sidewalks from the objects resting on them, vehicles, etc. I originally estimated to our group that, based on my schedule, it would take 4-days of working evening hours to complete this (32 hrs.). Due to time restraints I had to complete this between a Saturday and Monday morning. That ended up being 20-hours. So after 3.5 hours of selecting, totaling 43 detaild selections, I was extremely anxious to begin. Texturing areas such as the cafe canopy, sidewalk, and street plus lighting effects followed. If you’d like to see a low-res version of the effects used you can download a .psd file ( 4MB) feature a small portion of “The Corner Cafe” area.

What filter effects were used? Nothing beyond “Gaussian Blur.” It’s just a matter of layering Layer Mode combinations. So fast forward to the stage where the above mentioned was completed…Layers filled with color tones were added to mimic ambient light. The upper and lower right areas of the poster are a cool blue and slightly vignetted. The center zone and upper left half are a yellow/orange. The goal here is to simply direct the viewers eyes to the center.

The final Photoshop file provided to the printer was around 230MB, 4-color, and measured 19×25. Now…past issues with this printer meant I had to add an Curves Adjustment Layer to the file to shift the document’s brightness and color tone. That process will have to wait for another post. Right along with a possible rant on how they cropped an extra .5″ of the illustration all the way around. For now…enjoy!

…and another close up…

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