KAFI Poster Print

I recently got an opportunity to make a poster print for the first time. There was alil’ heat on the request as this KAFI poster needed to be in place for the Art Hop. That worked out to be a 1-day notice.

The final print measured 44″ wide by 72″ tall. The college’s in-house poster printer took approximately 45-minutes to print it from a 30MB, flattened .psd file. The original design, create in just under 1.5 hours, was a Layered document with standard effects measuring a mere 161MB (44″ x 72″ @ 300dpi). If you’re curious, a low-res version is available below.

Here’s the design…the font is Chalet

…and here is 1 of the 3 printed in place.

Download a low-res “KAFI print banner.psd” (308 KB .psd zipped / 3-color @ 72dpi)

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