“Holiday Apple Butter” labels

Here’s the label I created for holiday apple butter. It’s 1 of 3 lil’ designs. Each were printed onto self-adhesive, fullsheet label paper. OfficeMax has their own brand priced at $9.99 for 25 sheets (product #OM96332). The Avery equivalent is actually a thinner stock with only 15 sheets. I’d love to link to the OfficeMax brand but can’t find ’em on their site. Moving on…here’s the rough created prior to working in PS.

Since I’m kinda into recycling paper as much as possible I ran this page through the inkjet several times to test sizing and color. The missing circles are from paper punch tests. -If you deselect the “center image” option within Photoshop’s “Print” dialogue window you can slide an image anywhere on a page to print.

This is handy if you’ve got scrap paper kick’n around and decide to steer a print around exist material or use the same page repeatedly. It took only 2-3 minutes to arrive at this design…so dig the final…

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