KAFI 2009 – Promo Postcard #2

…after the KAFI hand leaves the swamp it arrives in the city and begins terrorizing everyone. Starting with a young girl. Of course. Rough concepts by Pete Rix included the following:

To expedite the process I asked Pete is he wanted reference shots to help with building the scene. Sadly, he agreed. Which meant my big mouth had now earned me the task of locating a model and shooting a variety of poses. Shooting is the easy part. Finding a reference model is 80% of the work. Why? Long story. The short version being it’s easier to hire this work out rather than asking someone unfamiliar with the goals to pose for little or no compensation. So where did I find reference? Lurking in a secretaries family photos at my (2nd) workplace. Again, long story short, idle conversation with a co-worker leads to their daughter booking time in the studio to serve as reference. Meet Danielle…

Despite never having been photographed in a studio Danielle did very well…

…and the results produced around 20 reference images for Pete.

Here’s the Illustrator, first-round, version. The only thing I touch here was the stereo display.

After a few minor revisions Pete allowed Photoshop to have alil’ fun with the Illustrator document.

And finally I added several additional treatments and effects in Photoshop also. Now I’d like to end there…but should mention the printer actually screwed up the job. Who knew printing a 4-color Photoshop document could be so difficult. Evidently printer’s were celebrating “use your digital copier’s brightness knob to produce a fail proof, make the customer drop 4-hours toward a false fix, ignore the customer’s solution, green light printing, skips press check all together, inform the customer everything looks “exactly how you want it,” and ship them worldwide without sign-off” week. Had I know this annual celebration were taking place the week of our project I might have delayed production to avoid, oh, a final product that looked like this:

Maybe it’s too much to ask that a digital document print look even close to the provided proof. Since it’s only 2008 I’ll cut them alil’ slack.

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