KAFI 2009 – Promo Postcard #1

While assisting on the development of the Kalamazoo Animation Festival International 2009 (KAFI) recently I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with a local artist named Pete Rix. Pete has been KAFI’s primary designer for quite awhile and, luckily, he’s agreed to take it on again. Although my role is officially project manager I’ve kinda inserted myself into Pete’s life by continuously suggestion that “I’m here if you need me for any special effects or PS treatments on the final illustrations.” Pete, knowing I can find a menu item or two in Photoshop, kindly gave me his final Illustrator document, which was the promo postcard 1 of 3, and said “Do your thing.” Here are the results…
Pete’s original
My PS contribution
Now as fun as this was…I’ll have to admit it’s only gotten better. Stay tuned for postcard #2.

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