QR Codes

Many phones in Japan can capture, and often create, QR Codes. Above is an example of its use to retrieve promotional information about a product. Once the code is captured the phone’s browser (!) is launched and from there a variety of things can happen. The code’s author could deliver a coupon to the phone’s user, a file, or even allow the user to upload information. Kansai Takako (aka “smillie“), a designer I spoke with, uses QR Codes on her website to allow visitors an opportunity to upload images from their phone to her photo gallery. That’s a nice example of functionality. Another might be for restaurants to use QR codes to present dietary information, and the ability to sort it, to patrons. The list goes on for awhile. Honestly, I’d love to see what graffiti artists could do with this technology.

Ready to make your own?

…here’s a ginormous one which links to this blog.

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