Her Process…a sidenote (updated)

I’m updating my daughter’s website which, until going dormant in 2007, had been maintained since her birth. Raw coding for every update became a real pain and, until recently, I was unable to find a theme package I was happy with. That is, until WordPress 2.5.1 came out along with “Glossy Blue.” Both gel for this project. So I’m “pinkafying” the layout, which is 70-80% within the style sheet (?!), and I asked my 7-year old daughter to draw a picture of herself for the header. “You can do whatever you like as long as it fits into the left half of the header area,” I said while pointing to the screen. It took a minute to explain to her why, but she got it, and that was that. “You can do a few different ideas, if you like, and pick the best one in the end,” I also mentioned. No deadline either. Why make this stressful for the kid, right?

Well evidently while sitting in bed she drew this…

Chloe\'s concepts

…a series of concepts for the header on her site. Oh, I blocked the name to divide her material from business here. But the point is she’s building rough concepts. The check and arrows indicate which one she liked most. I didn’t even tell her to do it that way! Here a 7-year-old is concepting her website layout using an “I Spy” book as a desk in her bed without specifically being told or taught. Yet I can’t get students in my web design courses to do the same when the success of their project and grade are at stake. WTF?? I’m bringing her into class next semester to teach this stage. Maybe they’ll listen to her.

Updated 7/10 – A conversation I had with her regarding this post.

Me: “I forgot to tell you, Clo. I put your website picture on my blog.”
Chloe: “…oh.”
Me: “Yeah, Aunt Dawn saw it and said you were doing things better than some students in college.”
Chloe: “Uhm, is that a good thing?”
Me: “That’s a very good thing.”
Chloe: “What do you teach again?”
Me: “College.”
Chloe: “Okay, that’s what I thought.”
Me: “Yep, so nice job.”
Chloe: “You need to thank me for that picture.”
Me: “Thank you for the picture, Chloe.”
Chloe: “You’re welcome.”

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